Eleaf Drip Kit Manual Operations Guide

Eleaf Drip Kit

Drip is a type of product by Eleaf for DIY. It can be used for testing and tasting e-liquid in e-cigarette store. It is very handy and easy to handle.

Quick Start:

How to assemble:

Mount Drip mouthpiece onto Drip front cap, Drip front cap onto drip atomizer, and screw Drip tail-cap switch on Drip battery tube. At last, put them together.

eleaf drip kit

How to use:

  1. Take Drip Front Cap out of battery
  2. Drop a bit of e-liquid on the coil
  3. Put Drip Front Cap back onto the battery
  4. Put high-rate battery into battery tube
  5. Turn the knob at the bottom of battery tube to start up the device, and then take puffs at the mouthpiece.


Please use high-rate battery to start up the device and carefully handle it Make sure the device works only for 2 to 3 seconds High-rate will cause the mouthpiece to heat up, so be careful not to be scolded while taking puffs at mouthpiece.

How to replace the heating coil

  1. Cut off a piece of cotton
  2. Twine the filament with the heating coil
  3. Fasten the both ends of heating coil onto the two screw.

How to charge

Use charger case to charge the high-rate battery. (There is no charging port on the device.)


  1. Have your Drip Kit repaired only by Eleaf. Do not repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.
  2. Do not leave Drip Kit in high temperature or damp condition, otherwise its performance may abate. The appropriate operation temperature is between 0℃and 45℃ and the appropriate charging temperature between -10℃ and 60℃.

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