Eleaf iJust 2 Kit Manual Operations Guide

Eleaf iJust 2 Kit

Eleaf iJust 2 starter kit, features the 5.5ml huge e-liquid capacity and 2600mAh battery capacity despite its simple appearance and light weight. The new iJust 2 Mini is a pocket-sized version of iJust 2 kit, having 2ml e-liquid capacity and 1100mAh battery capacity. Compact but yet efficient in every way, the iJust 2 Mini retains the unique atomizer base for better heat dissipation and side USB port design for convenient charging. When working with EC coils, the iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini will bring you a great joy in vaping.

eleaf ijust 2

Quick Start

How to assemble:

Mount EC head onto the atomizer base and then put together base, tube and mouthpiece. Finally assemble iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini battery and iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini atomizer together.

How to fill e-liquid:

  1. First unscrew the base off the atomizer;
  2. Then slowly refill the e-liquid into the atomizer along the tube;
  3. Finally screw the base onto the atomizer again.


  1. Please don’t add e-liquid into the air pipe and don’t overfill.
  2. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the wick of the coil to make it fully saturated before first use.

eleaf ijust2How to use:

Power on/off:

Press the button five times in quick succession within two seconds, the white indicator light will flash five times to show iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini is ready for use. In the same way, iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini can also be turned off.


Long press the button to take a puff.


Charge Eleaf iJust 2 by connecting it with wall adapter or computer via USB cable. The indicator light will turn red when iJust 2 battery is charging and the light will go out when fully charged. It will take 3 hours for iJust 2 and 2 hours.

eleaf ijust2Properties

Atomizer Protection:

When vaping time exceeds ten seconds, Eleaf iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini battery shuts off automatically with the white indicator light flashing ten times.

Short-circuit Protection:

When the resistance is less than 0.15ohm, short-circuit occurs with the white indicator light flashing three times.

No Atomizer Protection:

The white button light will flash slowly when the button is pressed down without atomizer connected.

Low-voltage Protection:

When the voltage of battery is below 3.3V, the white indicator light will flash 40 times. At the same time, press the button cannot power on.

Unlock the Low-voltage Protection:

Charge the iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini battery till the voltage is above 3.7V. Then the low-voltage protection will be unlocked automatically.

Battery Level Indication Function:

The white button light will stay lit or flash slowly after a puff when the battery level is high. On the contrary, the light will flash in frequency.

eleaf ijust2Precautions

  1. Only have your iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini Kit repaired by Eleaf. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.
  2. Do not leave the iJust 2/iJust 2 Mini Kit in high temperatures or damp conditions, otherwise it may be damaged. The appropriate operation temperature is within 0℃to45℃ while charging and -10℃ to 60℃ while using.

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