Eleaf iKit Starter Kit Manual Operations Guide

Eleaf iKit Starter Kit

Eleaf iKit is a new concept succulence of cigarette with collecting multiple protection functions: short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overcharge protection, cartomizer protection. It adopts the latest technology of automatically rear inductor. It is more reliable and safer due to its high-capacity and high-stability lithium battery. It can be quick-acting fully charged. Both its cartomizer(about 1.6 ml) and cartomizer head could be repeatedly used. It gives you a brand-new experience of vapor compared with the traditional cigarette.

Quick Start

How to assemble:

Thread the iKit battery and Mini BCC-S together to assemble. Then plug mouthpiece into Mini BCC.

How to use:

Press the button and inhale the mouthpiece lightly, as it is equipped with manual battery. Or just inhale the mouthpiece if you assemble automatic battery

eleaf ikitIntroduction of Mini BCC-S

Mini BCC-S is favored by e-cigarette lovers. It consists of a cartomizer and a cartomizer base. Its magic lies in that the cartomizer base can be dismantled and changed. A pocket size can perfectly match with nearly all kinds of batteries on the market. The whole e-cigarette looks so concordant when the cartomizer is assembled with the other parts together. Users can replace or clean Mini BCC cartomizer head freely by themselves.

Features of Mini BCC-S

  1. The cartomizer coil is assembled in the bottom of the BCC, and the liquid can be vapored as soon as the cartomizer head heats.
  2. There are large areas of silicone sealed on the bottom of BCC, providing effective insulation.
  3. The cartomizer head is consumable, you’d better replace it periodically to guarantee it in good state.

How to add liquid

  1. Unscrew the BCC base and refill the liquid from the side of BCC body. Please do not fill the BCC cartridge full, and it is better to leave a little space.
  2. When refill the BCC, do make sure the liquid not flow into the metal channel, otherwise it will be sucked into your mouth.

eleaf ikitAttention:

When the liquid is less than 10%, a slightly burn taste may come out, hinting that you shall refill it. After using the mouthpiece for a period of time, there may some accumulation on the internal components caused by carbonization and impurities. So it is necessary to replace it periodically.

Eleaf iKit Power supply

To better prolong the service life of battery, do not put the battery in the environment surrounded by overheat or damp. Do not break or extrude the battery, put the battery far away from sharp objects. And you can check the details of its multiple protections as below:

  1. Short-circuit Protection: When the output resistance is lower than 1 ohm while smoking, the LED will long light (lasts two seconds) to stop outputting.
  2. Low-voltage Protection: When the voltage of battery is below 3.1V, the LED light will successionally blink ten times to stop outputting.
  3. Overcharge Protection: When fully charged to 4.2V, it will cut off the charging circuit automatically.
  4. Catomizer Protection: When you vapor over 5 seconds, the LED light will successionally blink two times to stop outputting.

How to charge

Firstly, please select Eleaf iKit dedicated USB charger. Next, perfectly screw the thread mouth of battery on the USB cable charger. Then connect the USB charger to a wall adapter or computer. Be sure to be charged fully before first use.

  1. a) Specification of USB charger: DC 5V, 500mA
  2. b) It takes 300mAh, about 3-4 hours to fully charge.
  3. c) The LED lights up when charged and goes out when fully charged.

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