Eleaf Lemo 2 Atomizer Manual Operations Guide

Eleaf Lemo 2 Atomizer

Eleaf Lemo 2 atomizer is the advance version of the well-known Lemo series atomizers due to its new innovative design of a side e-liquid fill hole and the use of PEEK(the well-known high heat and corrosion resistance material) of insulating piece. Vaping becomes safer and more stable, and no needs of detaching the atomizer during refilling. The fill process becomes easier and the leakage can be avoided. The Lemo 2 also features RBA head which maximizes the fun of DIY experience. Meanwhile, all stainless steel construction, visual friendly glass tube and the enlarged air-inlet hole enhance its usefulness as well.

eleaf lemo 2 atomizer

DIY Instructions

  1. First, cut a piece of heating wire (0.5mm) in a length of 100mm long. Next, roll the heating wire for about 7-8 circles. The diameter of the circle is about 3mm. Bend both ends of this wire and cut out excess wire.

eleaf lemo 2 atomizerNote: Please use the resistance detector to check the coil before use, make sure the resistance is at least 0.3ohm.

  1. Loosen the screws on the atomizer base and install the ready-made coil into the corresponding posts on the base. Use screws to secure the heating coil.

eleaf lemo 2 atomizer

  1. Use a tweezers to press a certain length of cotton through the coil and cut out the excess cotton.
  2. Scatter the cotton and drip a few drops of e-liquid on it to make sure it is moist.
  3. Finally, assemble the atomizer base, coil stand, atomizer tube, atomizer cover, glass tube, top cap and mouthpiece together as the picture shows. Then, it is ready to use.

Liquid Refilling

  1. First, close the air-inlet hole on the atomizer base before filling.
  2. Next, rotate the side e-liquid fill hole cover counter-clockwise to expose the fill hole and then slowly refill the e-liquid into glass tube.
  3. After the liquid is filled, rotate the side e-liquid fill hole cover clockwise to close the fill hole.
  4. Lastly, open the air-inlet hole on the atomizer base before using

eleaf lemo 2 atomizerTipsParallelize the atomizer and then refill it. In this case, more liquid could be injected into the tank.


  1. Please make sure the e-liquid level is between 10%-90% and leave a small air pocket in order to avoid leakage.
  2. Do not put the syringe needle directly into liquid in the tank during refilling, or it may lead to leakage.

Airflow Adjustment

There is a slot on the atomizer base. By rotating the regulation ring counter-clockwise, the slot will be covered. The more the slot is covered, the less the airflow is.

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