Wismec Theorem RTA Manual Operations Guide

Wismec Theorem RTA

How to use:

The two terminals on the center post are the positive poles, and the negative poles are on the both sides of center post.

The users can install the Notch Coil with Cotton included in the package or roll the heating coil to their preference. Before rolling the coil, the users should unscrew the screws on the positive and negative poles with the equipped screwdriver. After completing rolling, screw the screws again and cut down the spare coils.


While rolling the coil by users, the two slots on the atomizer base should be filled with cotton for delivering liquid.

Put the glass tube into the atomizer base tightly.

Put the airflow control ring on the regulating component and then put the top cap into the regulating component tightly.


While adjusting the airflow, you should loosen the top cap and regulate the airflow control ring to the proper position. After adjusting, tighten the top cap again.

Put the mouthpiece into the top cap and the whole top cap component is assembled.

Drip some e-juice along the hole onto the atomizer base.


The cotton should be saturated with e-liquid before using.

After filling, put the top cap component into the glass tube tightly and the whole atomizer is assembled.


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