Wismec Vicino D30 Starter Kit Manual Operations Guide

Vicino D30 Starter Kit

Vicino D30 is the updated version of Vicino, having 30mm diameter, 6ml e-liquid capacity and 3000mAh battery capacity. Through the unique design of bottom ring, you can adjust the wattage or shift between VW and BYPASS mode easily. Innovative yet powerful, the Vicino D30 applies dual circuit protection which makes the device much reliable. When working with the equipped high power atomizer head, you can get unexpected large vapor and great flavor.

How to use:

Power on/off:

Press the fire button five times in quick succession, the button light will flash five times to indicate Vicino D30 is ready for use. In the same way, it can be turned off after 5 presses.


Long press the button to take a puff. Shift between VW and BYPASS Mode: When the device is on, simply rotate the ring at the bottom to choose your mode. Under VW mode, you can adjust the wattage from 5W to 60W.


Simply charge Vicino D30 by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When it is fully charged, the button light will go out.

Atomizer Head Replacement:

Unscrew the atomizer base from the atomizer tube, and the atomizer head is located on the base. Just screw it and replace a new one.

(Note: Please do not wash the atomizer head with water. Just clean it with cotton or dry cloth.)

Liquid Filling:

Unscrew the top cap from the vent pipe, inject the e-juice directly into the cambered slot. After filling, crew the top cap onto the atomizer tube again.


(1). Please drip a few drops of e-juice into the atomizer head before the first use.

(2). Make sure the e-liquid level is between 10%-90%.

Adjustment of Air Inflow:

By rotating the airflow control ring clockwise or counterclockwise, you can adjust the airflow and get different vaping experiences.


Atomizer Protection:

When vaping time exceeds 15 seconds, Vicino will shut off automatically with the button light flashing 10 times.

Short-circuit Protection:

(1). Power output would be shut down automatically and needs charging to reactivate.

(2). Short circuit before working: button light flashes for 5 times and then power-off.

(3). Short circuit while working: button light flashes for 3 times before short circuit (reset).

No Atomizer Alert:

When no atomizer is connected, the button light will flash slowly if you press the button’

Low Voltage Protection:
When the battery voltage is below 3.3V, the button light will flash 40 times and the battery will be locked. Upon recharging it, low voltage protection will be unlocked.

Battery Display Function:

The button light will stay lit or flash slowly after a puff when the battery quantity is high. On the contrary, the light will flash frequently.


Keep out of reach of children.

This product is not recommended for use by young people, non-smokers, pregnant or breast-feeding women, persons who are allergic/sensitive to nicotine.


Only have your product repaired by Wismec. Do not attempt to repair the unit by yourself asdamage or personal injury may occur.

Do not leave the product in high temperature or damp conditions, as this may damage the product. The appropriate operation temperature is within 0°C to 45°C while charging and -10°C to 60°C while in use.

Keep away from water.

Possible adverse effects

Use of this product may cause damage to health.

For people with adverse reaction after using this product, it is recommended to use the juice with lower nicotine content or no nicotine

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